Il Divo : Corona ruins Il Divo’s tour 2021! All concerts till October are canceled!

Hello everyone,

Corona ruins everything : our lives, health but also Il Divo’s Tour. We all know our health is important but of course it’s sad to see the concert’s been canceled.

A quick look at learns that all concerts till October are canceled. The first concert that take place (if corona let it happen) will be at the 8th of October 2021 at the Palacio de Deportes in Granada,Spain.

I hope that from now on the corona parameters start to go down and not up so we can finally start enjoying life again, not being scared to get sick and of course start enjoying the voices of the 4 man we adore.

Now it’s looking forward to the live stream concert for Mother’s Day at the 8th of may and then it’s waiting…

Keep an eye on each other, stay healthy and keep on supporting Il Divo!

love, Caro

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Author: 4EverIlDivo

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