Il Divo – Ancora

Recorded at the Metropolis Studios in Londen from February 2004 till august 2005

Released at the 7th of november 2005 in the United Kingdom and at the 24th of January 2006 in the United States. The producer is Steve Mac and the label is Synco Columbia.

  • Official Tracklisting :
HeroeMariah Carey
Walter Afanasieff
IsabelAndreas Romdhane
Je Crois En Toi (I Believe In You) with Celine DionJörgen Elofsson
Per Magnusson
David Kreuger
Matteo Saggese
Luc Plamondon
Senza Catene (Unchained Melody)Alex North
Si Tu Me AmasAndreas Romdhane
John Reid
Josef Larossi
Ave MariaFranz Schubert
Hasta Mi FinalWayne Hector
Steve Mac
Solo Otra Vez (All By Myself)Eric Carmen
Sergei Rachmaninoff
En Aranjuez Con Tu AmorAlfredo Garcia Segura
Joaquin Rodrigo
Pour Que Tu M’aimes EncoreJean – Jacques Goldman
Erick Benzi
O Holy NightAdolphe Adam
John Sullivan Dawight
  • American Edition
Solo Otra Vez (All By Myself)Eric Carmen
Je Crois En Toi (I Believe In You) with Celine DionElofsson
Por Ti Sere (You Raise Me Up)Lovland
Si Tu Me AmasLarossi
Hasta Mi FinalHector
HeroeMariah Carey
Walter Afanasieff
En Aranjuez Con Tu AmorGarcia
Esisti Dentro MeRomdhane