Fans For Fans Statement : Have Respect For Everyone!

Hello everyone,

I am ashamed to write this as much as others has to be ashamed. I am sure they will not be cause they think they do nothing wrong and they have all smartness in there mind. I don’t say i have, but i have been raised with the good things as respect for each other.

I’ve seen many comments on different posts like on the post from Carlos his album a few weeks ago and now again on the chat that was rescheduled. Everyone can comment of course but do it with the most of respect. We don’t know why the chat is rescheduled as no – one have told us that, that was not in the message of Il Divo on their Facebook account. But many start by be rude about Seb being on Holliday with Courtney etc… We don’t know if that was the full reason. We just don’t. It’s terrible to see such comments on post and that page – leaders let this go on on their pages. I just don’t understand. I give you one thing, if such come to our page ID4E it will be deleted without doubt. I want a good and nice page and i know comments that you don’t like this or that need to be there i know, but you can say your thought without being rude. Those one will get one chance and by the second reminder you get block and deleted and you will not get in to the page again.

I think Il Divo don’t have to do this live chats and they don’t have to give all this attention. But they do and i do think we have to be happy they do. They do the live chats, they do live music from their homes, they do the social media take overs so we get to know them better.

I want respect as that’s what been learned by our parents. It’s not hard to do don’t it?

I also got messages on our facebook of people who have it difficult with some peoples comments! Is it this hard to get along? To be a bit friendly in this hard times? It isen’t! And yes… I know many feel bad because of Seb being on a holiday on the time the chat was there. Well maybe just maybe hi wanted to do the chat but was it an other divo that could not be there. I don’t defend anyone but some people have to think before they write things!

I had a reaction of one of our followers on Facebook and she told me i could share this here so i am going to do that to :

Excuse my frustration. Why is it that many of you so-called fans of Il Divo have to throw out so much bad words, sour faces and bitterness? I have not followed up over the years, but what is happening now via some of the fans is very unpleasant. Il Divo’s privacy is their privacy. I’ve understand that it’s Sebastien who’s in the wind now, in divorce and new girlfriend Courtney, on holiday or not. Instead of making ugly comments, shouldn’t fans support him as one in Il Divo, as his own pop singer? Sebastien has guaranteed his to fight with in the middle of everything, if not the so-called fans will also come up with sour rants. Everyone has something to contend with over the years, it’s just that we who are not celebrities do not get this printed in the newspaper, everywhere on the internet. It is also something that they have to deal with. In the shadow of all this, there are others who try to pretend to be each and every one of the Il Divo guys. Urs took this up so nicely in one of his home videos. I myself have been contacted by someone who pretended to be Sebastien. I was flattered for a long time, but I realized that something was wrong here. Why should someone like Sebastien contact me, me who lives in Norway? So how can we fans try to prevent those who create accounts on Il Divo guys, or others for for that matter as few as possible are fooled?

Let’s be glad that Il Divo will continue to perform live broadcasts for us, that they will continue as a group and produce music that comes out to us, that they will be on stage and holding concerts again. But let’s also be happy for each and every one of the guys, for what they do. That they also produce their own music, that they are healthy and have their near and dear ones to love. Let them share with us their privacy if they wish, and then we fans will appreciate that they actually do this for us. We can show that we care, and rather leave unnecessary ugly comments. To make ugly, negative comments about their lives, and how they choose to live life, it’s petty. No one else has anything to do with it but themselves, they must be allowed to live the life they want. If the guys themselves want to share something with us, it’s our merit. Let the fans support the guys in Il Divo, as a group and single individuals and put the bitterness aside. May they bring much joy forward. Wish the guys in Il Divo and their loved ones the very best in life, take care of each other. Lots of love from Torill

I feel the frustration of Torill. As i feel the same. I hope, i hope that this rude comments can stop, i hope that people think before they write down things.

For those who want to comment on this writing, your more than welcome but with respect and without being rude!


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