Fans for fans : how to buy tickets for the Mother’s Day concert and how can you see the concert?

Hello everyone,

We all know by now that Il Divo is doing a Mother’s Day concert at the 8 of may 2021. It’s a concert that will be streamed life at 20.30 pm.

I have listed up a list of more then 1500 places where you can see The concert and at what time.

You can find the 2 lists here :

Now more and more people ask where and how

you can buy tickets and how it works.

Well I will explain that below.

You surf to and search for your country or take world wide.

You click on that.

Thank you see a page that write “Il Divo – resto del mundo and $18 and acceso: evento streaming $15 + CXS $3 and in a red spot “add to card”.

You click on “add to cart” and you can see what you have ordered (amount of to tickets) and your total you have to pay. Thank you can choose “check out” or “PayPal” you have to make a choice how you want to pay. Fill in the data they need and pay your tickets.

Once payed you get a mail with the link to the concert and a access code to fill in so you can see the concert.

All you have to do now is buy those tickets and wait till it’s the 8 of may to see the concert!

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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Author: 4EverIlDivo

2 thoughts on “Fans for fans : how to buy tickets for the Mother’s Day concert and how can you see the concert?

  1. Good morning, excuse me for English. But will be possible to see the concert also later for the all day?
    In Dicember when I bought ticket for Sarah Brightman Christmas’s concert it was available at least for two days, if I don’t remember badly. Thank you for this information. Greets from Italy

    1. Hello Flavia,

      You can always write in your own langue, i use the translator to answer you in that langue.
      that to start with.
      It’s not (yet) possible to see the concert later. I have asked someone close to the guys and hi said no. But i hope that maybe someday they do as we in Europe have to get up very early (like 3.30 for Brussels).
      Greetings from Belgium Caro

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