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Hello everyone,

I am Carolien and i am running this space since 11th of may 2011 so that’s 10 year this year. I have made this fanclub to bring fans together and bring out the news of Il Divo. We have Instagam, Facebook and Twitter but we want to do more.

We want to be a central point to the fans, we want to be a point where you can ask questions, where you can send your thoughts to and more.

How it completely going to work i don’t know yet but i think fans need a space where they can be heard, find the right info.

Do you think our space is the right space for that? Do you think we can do this? We want to bring people back together.

I am going to set up a forum space again so you can talk to each other and of course our socials stay the same as we need to be focused on that as that’s important.

If you have questions about this or do you want to tell us what you think about this please ask and do say what you think. That’s important and that’s how this club can grow.

Thank you so much for being with us and thank you so much for supporting us.


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Author: 4EverIlDivo

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