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Well since i’ve posted that i want to build out to a fantastic fanclub where everyone is welcome, where i want to try to bring all the news and supoprt i got lots of great wishes from on our socials! That’s what i love so much!

I feel this can work if we all work together!

In the mean time i have set up the forum again and some posts (not much i know but i’ll work on it tomorrow!

and i have made a new e-mail adres that’s easier to see it comes from the fanclub of course.

the mailadres is : you can send me mails everytime you need it. Somethimes it could take some time to answer as i work as healthcaregiver in a home for oldery but you always get an answer, early or later!

I hope you keep on following us and keep us helping on with what we do!

Lets support Il Divo together and make it more fun!

thx for everything also to Il Divo!

Greetings Caro x

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