David Miller : Sarah and David sadly have to say goodbye to their dogchild Cosmo

Hello everyone,

Sad news for The Millers. They had tot say goodbye to their dogchild Cosmo. Cosmo was very little when Sarah found him and she adopted him together with David. Cosmo was a little star in their lifes. Both Sarah and David showed many pictures on their instagram pages in the 14 years they have had this little sweetheart.

It was David who first posted about the passing away of his dear friend on instagram :

A little bit later also Sarah Joy wrote a message to here sweetheart on Instagram :

Also David’s Mum Darleen Miller wrote a little something for sweetheart Cosmo :

some pictures David shared on his Instagram :

We wish David, Sarah and Darleen all the power in the world and we keep Cosmo in our prayers! We will pray for him and you all!


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