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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all oke? I am, I am in vacation modus like I’ve said before and I am working on my favorite space : this website, my proud!

I already did some updates on the software but I also made some new pages to help everyone find what they need to find.

I did made a Media zone : In this zone you find all the albums Il Divo (aswel as group as solo) have made, all the DVD’s they have made and the lyrics of their songs. I always love to know that of an artist, I hope you love to know that to?

as second, I made a timezone page : We all know Il Divo loves live streams (as group or solo) and we all love to see them on their best! But as it’s not always easy to know when you can see the live stream and of course the team around Il Divo have not the time to search for all the right hours for the live streams, I’ve done that. I have tried to search for the most countries/city’s I could find but if yours isn’t on the list feel free to let me know on belliscarolien@hotmail.com and I add it to the list.

I did my best over the weekend to bring this online. If you find a mistake (what of course always can happen) please feel free to let me know on the spot you read this text (social media, the website) or on belliscarolien@hotmail.com.
In the next couple of days/weeks/months I will continue working on new things, on new pages etc. If you have any idea’s for the website please let me know! Everything is welcome!

at last I want to thank everyone for the 9 years of supporting and following us on the website and social media.It wasn’t always easy as I thought of stopping it many times, with feelings I wasn’t good enough or people don’t like what I did or do. I hope everyone keeps on following this site and I hope we can bring people together!

enjoy the website and of course Il Divo!


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2 thoughts on “4 Ever Il Divo : updates

    1. Dank je wel Linda! Het is inderdaad een heel werk maar ik hou van dit werk, het is fijn als alles zo goed gaat en als alles meevalt. bedankt voor je lieve berichtje xx

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