4 Ever Il Divo Fan Club Belgium : 10 years!

Hello everyone,

10 years 4 Ever Il Divo! Wonderfull and i never ever thought i could do this. Never.

I have been trough tough times with ups and downs, with technical problems and overdoing all the work i did, with times of giving up and wanting to close down the whole thing.

But i moved on, with the support of every follower i have on my socials, on my website here. I moved on because i wanted to support Il Divo in hard and fantastic times. To support their new albums, to bring the new tourdates and more. I hope i do it a little good 😉

I was in different clubs and with different sites. Some of them asked me to stop my site but i did not do that, i went on my own adventure… that adventure is during 10 years now and i hope i can go on for as long as i can!

Thank you so so so so much for the support and up to 10 years more!


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Author: 4EverIlDivo

2 thoughts on “4 Ever Il Divo Fan Club Belgium : 10 years!

  1. You know I’ve always been there for you and your site like yours my site is a successful and we both know how w work and perseverance
    Do I regret absolutely not it’s given a purpose in life we must be doing something right in the fandom because our sites are very popular where others have faile…
    Tells us to keep up the good work and the the real fans know and trust us.

    1. I know hunny and i am verry thankfull that you do those things for me! it really means a lot to me! thank you for your support! x

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