Il Divo The Road Ahead : translations

Hello everyone,

hope everyone is fine. I try to be as hard as it can be in a life time. I watched the video of The Road Ahead again and wrote down the text that the guys said and i translate it to Spanish, Portugese, Dutch and French. If you need another langue i will try and make something of that to.

I put them down here in PDF format so normally everyone can open it but please let me know if you can’t or there is a problem with opening something i can try to help!

so here we go. It was very emotional for me to re-watch this video and to see Seb, David, Urs, Steven and Zennon struggle with there emotions. So please excuse me if there is a mistake in the translation.

languetranslation PDF
English Il Divo The Road Ahead
PortuegeseIl Divo A estrada à frente
French Il Divo Le chemin à parcourir
DutchIl Divo De weg vooruit
SpanishIl Divo El camino por delante

Hopefully you can all understand now what they say!



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