Steven LaBrie : Petition to keep him in Il Divo

Hello everyone,

We all know that Carlos sadly passed away December 19 in Manchester after Covid 19. Carlos is irreplaceable and no one ever can be Carlos. But there is Steven. Steven LaBrie who joined the band after Carlos passing away. Hi is born in Dallas, USA and is an opera singer and a actor. When you hear Steven sing, you can hear Carlos to. Hi is that good. Carlos would have given his yes and his go to Steven if hi must know.

There is a fan called Karla Danieli Lopez Mejia who have set up a petition to keep Steven into Il Divo. She do this because of course Steven is a very fantastic singer but also because the songs of Il Divo are based on 4 voices and not on 3. That’s something that David said in an interview.

So here is the link : Keep Steven LaBrie in Il Divo

Lets all sign the petition and show Steven our support!


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