4 Ever Il Divo Fan Club Belgium : Update

Hello everyone,

Tour :

The tour started at the 25th of February and it was a emotional start for Seb, David and Urs who had to start without their brother Carlos and start performing with their new brother Steven Labrie. We as fans needed to accept Steven and grieve about Carlos. It was both hard and emotional. The first pictures and video’s we have seen where very emotional for both the guys and us as fans.


It took time to get over it, to restart this website and to set our mind onto something else then grieving. And we still are grieving, very hard because I hear Carlos when I hear Steven sing. I see Carlos when I close my eyes so that means to me hi is very good. I have welcomed him in my heart. Have you?

In the mean time, I needed time to recover from my pain and sadness and I left the site a little behind. I am very ashamed about that but it was wat it was. But it’s behind and I restart again. For good this time.

update website

I updated the calendar to the new dates that have been added and will work tomorrow on the other things that does not work that well or doesn’t work at all. I also try to set up a biography for Steven.

Pictures and video’s from the tour

Do you have some pictures from the tour? Or video’s? Please share them with us. Send them to fanclub@4everildivo.be or at instagram @ildivo4everfanclubbelgium

Birthday Seb

Its Seb birthday on Monday and in this dark period we want to wish him a very happy birthday. Its difficult to celebrate a birthday when you grieve but I hope we can make this time a little easier by wishing him all a very happy birthday. Please send your birthday wishes for Seb at fanclub@4everildivo.be or to @ildivo4everfanclubbelgium (instagram) or at 4everildivo (twitter and Facebook) of course we will share this on here and instagram/Facebook!

Wifes of Il Divo

Sarah Joy, Courtney and Leticia need some respect. I read messages on our socials and other socials that really can’t be. Its sick how some people react on pictures of Seb and Courtney or David and Sarah Joy or Urs and Leticia. It’s very sick. Please show some respect or go somewhere else!!

Tribute to Carlos

i also read messages about the tribute to Carlos. That they don’t care about Carlos, that it is not good and all those stuff. I think that’s terrible. I also read things about Steven replacing Carlos, that’s insane. Steven can never replace Carlos, hi helps the guys on this tour and hi showed his deepest respect for Carlos. The guys also sing one last time with Carlos, they sing Hallelujah. Please.. If you don’t like the tour or the tribute or what the guys do, then go off somewhere else, become a fan of some other artist but stop please stop making it difficult for other fans.

conflict in Ukrain and Russia

We hope that every fan that lives as well in Ukrain as in Russia is oke. We pray for everyone to be safe.

end of this message

it became more than an update about the site. But I wanted to say that because it was in my mind and I hope we can go on from now on.


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