4 Ever Il Divo Fanclub Belgium : Fanclub in a new level!!

Hello everyone

You must have seen the news walk by. We take the fanclub to a new level! We want to do more, we want to do better and we want to make sure we bring you all the news, articles and music of Il Divo.

I wrote 4 times we and not i. Why? because from now on i get help from the lovely Kate Bilsborough. She convinced me to take this fanclub to a higher level and to try to do more than we already do. At this point we are working on ideas we have but when they are ready we will post out here and on our social media accounts.

We would love to get in contact with all of you so we think about a forum and of course work a lot with our socials because that’s important right now.

In the next messages here we will introduce ourselves and we will ask the same of all of you so we will be one big family so we can work together on this fanclub and of course support Il Divo.

We also want to say that we understand all the messages about Carlos and the reactions on his passing away. It’s all terrible what happened with him. But i also want to say that we need to stay friendly and nice to each other and of course to Il Divo’s members. You still can write your condolences to Carlos family on this website.

about those reactions to messages : we will take time to read every messages and give warnings to people who give nasty or bad comments. When we warn you to stop doing that and you don’t do that, you’ll get blocked. It’s the planning to create a nice and lovely place for fans.

If you have questions mail to belliscarolien@hotmail.com or just comment below.

with love, Caro

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