Carlos Marin : translation of the 3 articles about Carlos in the Belgium newspaper :

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In the Belgium they followed up the news about Carlos to. Especially the newspaper “Het Laaste Niews (the latest news)”

They spend 3 articles on Carlos. Below are the translations of the articles :

Singer of Il Divo brought in artificial coma “his condition is very bad” HLN 16 december 2021 13.43 source : ANP
Following the Spanish newspaper is the 53 years old singer Marin from the 8th of december “in very bad condition” in the hospital. Because lack of oxygen and being intubated is was bring in a artificial coma. What is happening with the singer is not knowed. Following the Spanisch newspaper are his organs stable but the situation is very worrying

The man of Il Divo would do a few shows in the United Kingdom but last week the band announced via their social media that the playdates of the tour will be rescheduled to next year 2022. In a message on Instagram is announced that the recheduling have to do with illness, but more details they did not give

Singer of Il Divo Carlos Marin died on age 53 year. HLN 20 december 2021 07.08
The singer of Carlos Marin of the international quartet Il Divo died on age 53. To wat the Spanish singer died is official not known. Following different Britsich media died the Spainis artist in the Manchester Royal Hospital in the British Manchester

“Its with heavy hearts that we let you know that our friend and partner, Carlos Marin have died” thats what the 3 leftover singers of Il Divo wrote on Instagram on sunday. “Hi will be missed by his friends, family and fans. There will never be another voice or soul like Carlos. Seventien years long we where on a unbelievable trip with the four of us, with il Divo and we ar going to miss our dear friend. We hope and pray that this beautiful soul will rest in peace. With love, David, Sebastien and Urs”

According to the Spanish newspaper El Espanol was the 53 years old Marin taken to the hospital already at the 8t of december in a “bad condition”. What was wrong, was not knowed. The Britisch media like the Daily mail said that hi was in the hospital because of a covid infection

Tour postponed.
The man of Il Divo would do a few shows in the UK. Last week the band said that they would recheduled the tour to 2022. In the a message on the social media they announced that it was because of illness, but not more details

The group was formed in 2003 and is a multinational singing quartet that popsongs sings in operastyle. Next to the Spanisch Marin the group have the American David Miller, the Swiss Urs Bühler and the French Sebastien Izambard
Family of the passed away Il Divo singer Carlos Marin can’t find peace “He could have been saved” HLN 27 december 2022 12.11
The family of the singer Carlos Marin, Member of the famous singing quartet Il Divo, cant take peace with his death. The Spanisch singer died on december 19 in a hospital in the British Manchester, following his family in Spain after a corona infection with the Deltavariant. But also according the family would Carlos being alive today if hi had a treatment in Spain, his hometown.

According to his sister Rosa, was the 53 year old singer treated in the Royal Hospital in the British Manchester after hi had the Deltavariant of the Coronavirus. Carlos Marin was taken in to the hospital at the 8th of december in “bad condition” and was put in an artificial coma. Also according to Rosa passed the singer away after the virus had “attack his lungs”

Yet, Rosa, and by extension the whole family, have a lot of questions with the situation. I talked to his mother on the day hi died and she is convinced that hi could had survived if hi had been in Spain” sounds it via their lawyer Alberto Martin in Madrid. “We must analyse that after we saw all the medical documents. Because we think that there was time to have his situation under control and to make it better so hi could make it and could save his life. The family cant take peace because they are broken”

last wish
Carlos’ funeral will be Tuesday at a open funeral in Madrid. According to the family, all fans of Il Divo can say goodbye in the funeral after the family had a wake in intimated circle. According to the British media where the other bandmembers also at the wake. The Singer will be buried next to his father, like his last wish was written. According to his sister Rosa, hi will go to his last place of rest in his favorite Armani-costum. “Hi can go to heaven and sing together with the angels”

that where the articles in Belgium from HLN (Het Laatste Nieuws).


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