Carlos Marin : Interview translation

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Carlos have give a interview to about the death threats hi recieved.

Below the full translation of the article. The Spanish article you can find on this link.

“Carlos Marin, de ‘Il Divo’, habla de las amenazas de muere que Recibia”

Translation :

15 OCTOBER 2021 Carlos Marín, the ‘Il Divo’, talks about the death threats that Carlos Marín received, the ‘Il Divo’, talks about the death threats he receivedCARLOS MARÍN, LE ‘IL DIVO’ – EUROPE PRESS REPORTS MADRID, October 15. (CHANCE) –

A weeks ago, the harassment suffered since February by Carlos Marín, a member of the group ‘Il Divo’, was made public. Something that terrified us since death threats and dangerous sexual proposals came to her through letters and calls from her alleged harasser, a 72-year-old woman from Barcelona who a few weeks ago had the one who complains compared in the complaint she filed . singer

We have spoken with Carlos Marín, from Il divo, and he has told us about the hell that I have lived: “It has been a slightly difficult moment, suddenly one receives some very strong letters from a person, with death threats to me, my family and friends I had the judgment recently, they have given us the reason, they have said that he cannot approach me and it has already happened. hacker “.


Marisa Jara reveals the name she has chosen for her baby On how he saw it, he acknowledges: “You hallucinate a little, in these 17 years that I have been with Il divo, in the career almost 40 and the truth is that something like this had never happened to me, suddenly I am very close to the fans and I try to talk to them, all of a sudden you get letters, plus this woman who called the record company 12 times a day posing as someone else wanted my address and phone number.

For his part, his ex-wife and now friend, Innocence, acknowledged that she also had a bad time: “The truth is that it is very sad that there is a person so obviously this person has to be treated, his family has to face that fear, obviously , scares, but we are here to defend him “.

We hope that Carlos, Innocence and his family and friends are oke! With love, Caro

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