4 Ever Il Divo Fanclub Belgium : Memory book for Il Divo

hello everyone

We all know Il Divo haven’t perform much the last year. Corona was the hell for everyone but i believe for artists and people that actually could not do a thing it’s sad.

That’s why i have a plan. I want to make a memorybook for them. A book full of memories you have had with Il Divo, on concerts, on live chats, meetings what so more.

Also pictures of a Diva meeting can be in the book as that are memories to!

please no recordings or videos because i can’t put that in a book 😉

and of course no bad words or no bad mounths, i wan’t this a nice and kind book that the guys will love!

you can enter as much as you want, as long as i have space i’ll put them in.

I’ll open now till let me say april next year thats 8 months so you have the time to send something. afther april i need time of course to make the book and make sure it’s all oke!

If you have memories and i can use them for the book mail them to fanclub4everildivobelgium@zohomail.eu.

All memories are welcome!! Who send me the first memories?????


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