Carlos Marin : New Album : Portrait!

Hello everyone!

Carlos brings out a new album called “Portrait” !

This album will be released world wide as digital from the 15th April
the album will be in exclusive pre-sale (in cd form) in Japan from the 15th April!

If we translate the text on the link Carlos shared on his instagram (it’s in Japanese and I don’t speak that ;)) we can read that Portrait will be a collection of covers of classical, pop and rock songs that Carlos have been sing and listening to for many years. Carlos himself says that hi is returning to his roods. On this album hi will work together with Geraldine LaRosa, better known as Innocence.

the link to the full page (in Japanese! You have to translate it to your langue first!) :

The tracklist of this album is :

01. Miss A Thing (Theme Song of Armageddon by Aerosmith)
02. The Best (from Tina Turner)
03. Give You Up (Rick Astley)
04. Careless Whisperer (Wham ft George Michael)
05. I’m In Love With Your Eyes (Frankie Valley)
06. When I Fell In Love (Nat King Cole
07. Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)
08. You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker)
09. Bohemian Rhapsody (ft. Innocence) (Queen)
10. Paradise – Theme of Love (ft. Innocence (Mike Reno and Ann Wilson)

We looking forward to hear that album of yours Senior!

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