Carlos Marin & Innocence : Instagram Live at the 14th of may!

Hello everyone,

Carlos & Innocence are doing a instagram live at thursday the 14th of may! be there!

here are the hours you can follow them!

London, UK – 22.00h

Dublin,Ireland – 22.00h

Lisbon, Portugal – 22.00h

Bratislava, Slovakia – 23.00h

Budapest, Hungary – 23.00h

Berlin, Germany – 23.00h

Prague, Czechia – 23.00h

Brussels, Belgium – 23.00h

Stockholm, Sweden – 23.00h

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 23.00h

Krakow, Poland – 23.00h

Madrid, Spain – 23.00h

Paris, France – 23.00h

Vienna, Austria – 23.00h

Rome, Italy – 23.00h

Copenhagen, Denmark – 23.00h

Bern, Switzerland – 23.00h

Athens, Greece – 00.00h (15th of May)

Tallin, Estonia – 00.00h (15th of May)

Kiev, Ukraine – 00.00h (15th of May)

Moscow, Russia – 00.00h (15th of May)

Kaunas, Lithuania – 00.00h (15th of May)

Helsinki, Finland – 00.00h (15th of May)
Los Angeles, US- 14.00h

Chicago, US – 16.00h

Guadalajara, Mexico – 16.00h

Mexico City, Mexico – 16.00h

Atlanta, US – 17.00h

Miami, US – 17.00h

Providence, Rhode Islands, US – 17.00h

New York,US – 17.00h

Vancouver, Canada – 14.00h

Calgary, Canada – 15.00h

Ottawa, Canada – 17.00h

Torronto, Canada – 17.00h

Montreal, Canada 17.00h

Washington DC, US – 17.00h

San Jose, Costa Rica – 17.00h

Guatemala City, Guatemala – 15.00h

Caracas, Venezuela – 17.00h

Santiago, Chille – 17.00h

San Juan, Puerto Rico – 18.00h

São Paulo, Brazil – 18.00h

Curitiba, Brazil – 18.00h

Buenos Aires, Argentina – 18.00h

Ankara, Turkey – 00.00h (15th of May)

Jakarta, Indonesia – 04.00 (15th of May)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 05.00 (15th of May)

Beijing, China – 05.00 (15th of May)

Singapore, Singapore – 05.00h (15th of May )

Bali, Indonesia – 05.00h (15th of May )

Tokyo, Japan – 06.00h (15th of May )

Seoul, South Korea – 06.00h (15th of May)

Perth, Australia – 05.00h (15th of May )

Brisbane, Australia – 07.00h (15th of May)

Melbourne, Australia – 07.00h (15th of May )

Sydney, Australia – 07.00h (15th of May )

Please when you see any mistakes just let me know, but be polite and don’t start with bad comments. I try to do my best to bring you all the news of the Il Divo man.


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